• The newplugin does exactly what it says it does and I easily created a newsfeed on my site after watching the how-to video on youtube. But, I have no influence over where it draws these links from. So the much more relevant websites in my niche are never touched but grossly irrelevant sites that have nothing to do with my niche are grabbed merely because of a keyword.

    Also, I don’t like the format. I would prefer that the newsfeed pull in an image from the linked article. but it doesn’t and leaves the news feed looking like nothing more than a lengthy block of text on the page which I’m certain few people would want to scan through.

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  • This. Exactly this. It’s great at what it does but the sources it’s pulling from aren’t getting me the news I want (and that I know exists).

    I also second the complaint about the format and add that it would be nice if there were a few different themes that could be chosen – as well as custom colours/fonts that could be used.

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