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  • I’ve generally been quite happy with the plugin, and am particularly pleased with some of the technical documentation that’s aimed at more advanced users — they were clearly written by somebody who cares about the goal of optimal image compression!

    My frustration comes from a default setting which (as far as I’ve been able to see) isn’t shown in the plugin UI and isn’t well-documented: the plugin automatically converts some types of large PNG uploads to JPEGs if the plugin “thinks they should’ve been uploaded a JPEG”. This is not unreasonable for typical sites, but if you’re writing an article comparing image compression quality then you really need the lossless quality on those uploads! I imagine there are a handful of use cases where this is very important in a specific niche.

    I don’t mind that this setting is on by default, but I do mind that an automatic action taken by the plugin isn’t adequately communicated. The setting itself also feels like it should be exposed within the plugin’s UI (at least in ludicrous mode (advanced mode)), yet is currently relegated to needing to add code to the wp-config.php file after stumbling across the setting’s default value hidden in the plugin’s documentation.

    As it stands there’s an existing “PNG to JPG” option (disabled by default) which I feel misleadingly implies that the aforementioned behaviour is not the default — which isn’t the case.

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  • Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Thanks for your feedback, you aren’t the first to have been tripped up by that. Though, as you noted, it is pretty rare/niche. At any rate, we’ll have to give some more thought to that, and see if there is a way to integrate that override into the settings in Ludicrous Mode.

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