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  • I used this plugin during the “beta” period for users to log into my blog without having to register with wordpress. It worked great but now that it’s like $9/month, I’m not going to continue using the service. There are other comparable services that work just as well for your standard Twitter, Facebook, and OpenID logins for wordpress.

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  • Plugin Author Claude


    Hi marcuswickes,
    we still offer the same free version of the plugin as before. We have only added a couple of paid plans with additional features. If the free version suits your needs you can stick with it.


    Free version works fine for me. And they offer TONS more login options than just about all the others.

    Sorry Claude, but at least $90 per year to unbrand a PLUGIN on a PLATFORM that is free is pretty ridiculous. WordPress writes an entire platform and offers it for free, and you want $90 a year for a plugin? Yup, ridiculous.

    Plugin Author Claude


    Hi Brad,

    sorry, but I think that you do not realize how much work it is to provide a Social Login service that works seamlessly and that never breaks.

    The social network APIs are constantly changing and being updated. We monitor these changes and automatically update the API, so you can be sure Social Login will always run smoothly and with the most up-to-date API calls.

    If you want to compare us with WordPress, then you should compare us with the WordPress hosting:

    The basic hosting service is free (same for our services) if you want more then you have to pay a small free (again same for our services).


    You can use WordPress unbranded for free, that was my point… and no matter how much work you think you’ve done, you’ve done nothing anywhere near as much as WordPress. I’m not discounting the work you’ve put in, but starting at $90 per year is ridiculous in my opinion, especially when there are well reviewed comparable FREE alternatives. This is a review forum, where users can express their opinions after all.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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