• Joe Bloggs


    I just had to downgrade WP 5.3 to 5.2.4 due to some bugs in my theme with the latest WP.

    I usually do a manual downgrade, but used this plugin this time.

    Worked great. Done in under a minute, hassle free! Happy days.

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  • mfuguett


    I have problem with de URL:
    URL: https://downloads.wordpress.org/release/en/wordpress-5.2.4.zip

    which URL are you using

    Joe Bloggs


    Hey @mfuguett ,

    Don’t play with the URL field, just leave the setting as is, switched off. It should find the correct WP release automatically.

    At least I didn’t change anything in the URL setting field.



    WP Downgrade: Active (WP 5.2.4 is set as target version)
    WARNING! You are using this plugin entirely at your own risk! DO MAKE SURE you have a current backup of both your files and database, since a manual version change is deeply affecting your WP installation!

    Which WordPress version would you like to up-/downgrade to?
    WordPress Target Version:
    Exact version number from WP Releases, for example “4.9.8”. Leave empty to disable.
    Current WP Version: 5.3
    Language Detected: en
    edit download URL

    In order to perform the upgrade/downgrade to WP 5.2.4 please go to Update Core.

    Up-/Downgrade Core

    Attention! The target version does not seem to exist!
    URL: https://downloads.wordpress.org/release/en/wordpress-5.2.4.zip
    The update could fail. Are you sure that the version number is correct? You can also manually edit the download URL if needed. 5.2.4

    Hm, ok, strange. My WP is in AU, so I guess the plugin automatically detects the WP language and then downloads the particular file, so my file would be

    What language is your WP in? Your file would be different. The general US version comes up as this: https://wordpress.org/wordpress-5.2.4.zip

    If you go here: https://wordpress.org/download/releases/ you’ll get all WordPress releases up to date.

    So from here, pick the version you want, 5.2.4, and right click on the .ZIP file and from the dropdown choose “Copy link address”. This is the URL of your WP zip file.

    So then just try to use your new URL in your settings. It should work.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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