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  • My developer put this on my site and I had only had need of using it for pages until recently. I needed to duplicate events created with The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe, which does NOT have the in-built function to duplicate events, unless you create a recurring event, which brings with it other challenges (and is not truly duplicating it anyway). I delved deeper into the plugin settings and realised that it could be used with The Events Calendar plugin, but my developer had just not clicked the checkbox for Events. I did that, and now I can do what I needed to do!

    My only issue was that my plugin wasn’t set to add “copy of” or anything like that to the slug or title, and therefore it was confusing to me once I’d copied something. I changed that setting and now it’s fine. I don’t know if that’s the default or what, as I didn’t build out the site from scratch…. so that isn’t a plugin issue, but rather, my own.

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  • I’ve loved and used Duplicate post for years, but just until you told me this, I was unable to duplicate events. Thank you and an even bigger thank you to the plugin developer!

    I was precisely looking for this very same feature, and found your post.
    Thanks a lot for the input, it’s indeed working perfectly !

    I agree, so far I find it a great solution to duplicate events. Thoug,h you have to be a bit careful when duplicating events with tickets.



    @palomar83 I was totally sold on installing this to allow me to create duplicate events but all my events DO have tickets (I have Event Tickets Plus). Can you elaborate more on what you meant by “you have to be careful” when duplicating events with tickets? Will this cause duplicate tickets to be created, or problems with tracking number of tickets sold? If so, that won’t work for me.

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    I’m not sure what @palomar83 was specifically speaking to around that. If that IS the case, what I would do is create a TEMPLATE event with all the settings, and that way none of the tickets would have been sold yet, so each duplicate would be a clean slate with the settings you wanted, but no sold tickets to mistakenly duplicate, or erroneously add to your tally.

    Conversely, with my experience with duplicating events, once you do duplicate it, if it’s created duplicate tickets, you should be able to go in and delete them. I’ll let @palomar83 speak to what they were talking about though. 😉

    Good luck!




    From what I understood, if you duplicate an initial event with tickets, the tickets from this initial event will appear in the new event. This is not what you want, ideally you would want new tickets for this new event (but with the same attributes as in the initial tickets: price, name, initial quantity, customer additional info…).

    So what I do is, as dinnae writes, deleting tickets from the new events and recreating them anew.

    At least that’s my take on this.

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