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  • My developer put this on my site and I had only had need of using it for pages until recently. I needed to duplicate events created with The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe, which does NOT have the in-built function to duplicate events, unless you create a recurring event, which brings with it other challenges (and is not truly duplicating it anyway). I delved deeper into the plugin settings and realised that it could be used with The Events Calendar plugin, but my developer had just not clicked the checkbox for Events. I did that, and now I can do what I needed to do!

    My only issue was that my plugin wasn’t set to add “copy of” or anything like that to the slug or title, and therefore it was confusing to me once I’d copied something. I changed that setting and now it’s fine. I don’t know if that’s the default or what, as I didn’t build out the site from scratch…. so that isn’t a plugin issue, but rather, my own.

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