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  • I have this on several sites. It works great. The only thing to complain about is that you can’t choose some feeds for the box and some to “feed to post”. It is either one or the other. I would like to do both. Maybe if you could run two instances of the plugin it would be perfect.

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  • Plugin Author Allen


    yes you can….you just put them into different categories and, unless I’m missing something, it’s quite easy to use both the shortcode and the feed to post.

    Thank you. I’m not a programmer so a lot of the instructions are vague to me. It says to get/write/make this code or that short code. I don’t understand what short codes are beyond a smaller URL.

    I need step by step instructions. Now that I think of it, I don’t use most of the features because I don’t understand them. Which is ironic since the features are what I wanted. Good thing the program’s basic functions works right out of the box. I would use the features if I understood them or there was a step by step instruction how to do it. All that code makes me frustrated because I don’t understand it.

    Unfortunately, many people are new to this stuff and don’t understand it either.

    Plugin Author Allen


    ok…thanks for the feedback….when I have time I’ll put more detailed information on my web site (I have many FAQs there now – at

    I have read the faqs more than once. I did it again tonight to see if time were my friend. It was not. For instance,

    You can then assign each of your feeds to 1 category – only 1 category is possible with this plugin.

    So, I made one category.

    Then it says,

    “If you’re using the shortcode, you can then use the category parameter (category=n) to only show the feeds from a certain category. You can comma delimit this parameter to have several categories show on a page (e.g., category=1,2,3)

    If you are using the Feed to Post feature, you can assign your plugin categories to your blog categories – you do this at the bottom of the Feed to Post admin page.”

    If I can only make one category for this plugin, and I don’t understand shortcode, I’m pretty well stuck. Reading up on shortcode wasn’t helpful since the explanation I found on the site was written for people who know what shortcode is.

    However, I still think this is a 5 Star plugin. Not only that, but you care about the people who use it. There’s quite a bit to be said for that.

    Plugin Author Allen


    Thanks for the rating. I realize some people are unfamiliar with shortcode (in fact, before I created this plugin I had no idea what shortcode was). It turns out shortcode is actually quite flexible and allows for several parameters, so as people asked for more and more features I just added shortcode parameters.

    Note also, when I started this plugin it wasn’t meant for any of this – there were no categories, no images, nothing at all but a title, some text and a date. As people requested features I only had time to add them rather than document them…so people have left bad ratings for the plugin (thanks for not doing this) because they felt I should have spent all my time documenting things – and, thought I didn’t actually have anything else to do but work on this plugin.

    In any event, you’ve made me think I need to do another video explaining better how the shortcode and category works…thank you for that.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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