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  • Works great and easy to set up; however, when does it update the Twitter posts? I added a new twit and have refreshed the WP site many times over 10 minutes or so but the twit before the recnet post is the one that is shown.

    Oh yeah, also (I’m new to WP) is there a way to change to color of the link just for MyTwitter. it blends in with the black background in the theme?


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  • Unfortunately right now the cache settings are set to 60 minutes by default with SimplePie. I’m working to change that in MyTwitter 1.4 which is still in production. For a quick fix though you can add the following line of code:


    below the line that says the following (should be line 70):
    $feed = new SimplePie($my_twitter_feed_url, $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $cacheloc);

    Cache duration is in seconds so 300 seconds = 5 minutes. If you want it shorter or longer, adjust accordingly.

    Hi anwamehtar:

    Just installed MyTwitter, works great, no problems, just was wondering if you were going to implement more customized settings in the future, like changing the link colour for post and/or time of tweet, etc.

    Liz @

    You can customize the colors by editing the contents of your theme’s stylesheet (style.css). Look at example.css which is included in the MyTwitter plugin directory by default and copy the code to your stylesheet.

    In MyTwitter 2, you can optionally show/hide your avatar. I released it today:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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