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    I really like the plugin and seems to work well. Lazy load, properly sized images, and next-gen image warnings from Lighthouse audits are all gone 🙂

    The only issues that I have/see are:
    1. I’ve seen some 504 errors from the CDN and images were not showing
    2. The short quota (7500 credits) were eaten through in a day.

    Is there a good way to estimate how much credits are needed each month? Or is there a better, more conservative, way to configure this plugin? Is it best to run both plugins, Shortpixel IO and AI?

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    Hey Eric,
    thank you for your feedback, glad you liked SPAI so far! 🙂

    Regarding your issues:
    1) when you see such errors maybe you can send me the URLs directly so we can investigate?
    2) SPAI is 100% free for the beta-testing period so you shouldn’t have used any credits. Please contact me with your account & domain so I can correct this for you.
    3) credits needed each month: that’s a very good question, there is no way yet but we’re going to think about a solution for this.
    4) there isn’t (yet) any conservative way but generally you’ll only need ShortPixel AI if it works well on your website.
    But we’ll think about your idea with a “conservative” mode, maybe we can come up with something.

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter Eric


    Thanks so much for the reply. I sent the details to your contact.

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