• I have been struggling with WP Rocket, Autopmise, StackPath and Cloudflare for months. Yes, I was trying them all.
    Yesterday I downloaded this plugin and my page was not improving on page speed and overall health with Gtmetrix no matter which item I turned off or on.
    This morning I basically and somewhat apprehensively clicked the Automatic page speed button and my site is scoring 98% on speed and 92 on Yslow. I am still using other plugins and CDN as well but nothing improved my score like this did. Am I happy? Heck yes. Will I donate? Yes! or I will buy the premium plugin.

    In a nutshell, this worked for me. It may not work for all depending upon your template/server/knowledge and plugins etc, etc. But if you’re not winning with what you have give this plugin a go and donate if its good for you.

    Remember its far better to have one plugin doing many tasks than many plugins doing the same tasks.

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