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  • If this is the first plugin you install on your setup (or at least, one of the first), and you are sure that all of your needed image sizes are set up in your functions.php, then this plugin is fantastic, nothing less.

    If not, yeah, my experience is that it only works with features images and thumbnails (anything but post images).

    The only thing this plugin needs, is some way to fetch old images in our posts, and update these.

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  • I made a simple plugin that will work for all of your previous post images, and takes the images in the content area and adds the expected srcset information to it. Currently it only works with those, so you still can use the RICG plugin for all other items.

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    Nice! I will give it a spin.

    But, if it works, then all that needed to be done was for your plugin and RICG to get together and have a child? 😛

    Maybe, your code could be sent to RICG and they could implement it somehow? 🙂

    Squazz: Your request seems to ask for functionality outside of what the plugin aims to achieve.

    RICG Responsive Images tries to use whatever images are in your library to create the responsive images.

    I instead see it at as a limitation of WordPress that images are not retrospectively re-generated when you create a new size.

    What you need specifically is to regenerate all your thumbnails and there are already plugins that do that, such as: Regenerate Thumbnails. If you use Reg. Thumbnails, then the RICG plugin should be able to work with the new images generated.

    I don’t think it would make sense for the author of RICG Responsive Images to re-invent the wheel and also include a thumbnail re-generator within his plugin.

    Squazz: On the other hand, I updated my plugin to support the featured images as well. So it essentially solves what RICG does, plus more. Also, since sizes are less restricted, you can custom set the sizes you want to support if you modify the plugin, I believe I set it to 1200,960,768,480,320 as default.


    Five things that have recently taken place with this plugin:

    1. A merge proposal for the WordPress Core was made on September 30th:

    2. An initial core patch was offered on October 5th:

    3. An initial core commit was made on October 6th:

    4. An additional image size was proposed on October 7th:

    5. Core support for image regeneration was proposed on October 8th:

    Beginning with the release of WordPress 4.4 most current plugins that deal with Responsive Images will either become redundant, or have to be updated to integrate with what the WordPress Core itself already offers.

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