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  • Plug-in worked as described, and correctly adds watermark to images uploaded through the default Media Manager, also content uploaded through Media Library+

    with my version of WP, getting to the interface to manually add watermark was not exactly as described. instead it was found :
    media > choose image > under “Attachment Details” > Edit more details

    the placement of the watermark (for text) was a little unclear from documentation. through experiment i have verified that to place text watermark on the very bottom right corner, set offset x:2 y:2, for size 09pt font. the bottom right square was selected as well.

    be aware of increasing file size for .jpg files!
    original file was 87k
    saving at 100% quality = 263k
    saving at 80% quality = 78k
    recommend saving at 83% quality to match original file size.
    this is a function of processing lossy format, and to be expected.

    consider saving your original .jpg at a higher quality than you would normally use, and let the watermark plug-in compress to your desired file size. images look better the fewer times they are optimized.

    i would like to see an added feature to exclude/include pictures based on the dimensions. not applying watermark to pictures under X by Y pixels in size, for example. this can be roughly handled by choosing which “image size” to apply the watermark, but more granular control would be fantastic. i have not verified if custom image sizes will show up on the list of selectable “image size” options.

    overall, great plug-in that does exactly what it is described to 🙂

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