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  • … but needs some config.

    1. Enable .stl file upload (or any other file type or file-extension)
    You have to disable FILTER upload before be able to upload an .STL file. Just add

    // -- allow all files to be uploaded
    define('ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS', true);

    somewhere in your config.php file.

    2. Refer your .STL files correctly
    Then make sure you refer your .STL files correctly!
    If your domain is:

    Your uploads will go to maybe:

    So refer the stl file as:


    because is added by the plugin itself.

    3. Example:
    Insert code is not documented within the plugin, which is a shame. So here it is:

    [stl file="/2015/10/3dprinted-wrench.stl" /]

    Hope that helps.

    4. Setup Background
    I was not able to set the background, which seems to be just a black color by default.
    There is a way within the plugin to setup a tile (image) but it did not work correctly. (Just a small stripe is shown.)

    I did try:
    [stl file="myfile.stl" background="#f8f8f8" /]
    but does not seems to work for me.

    If someone knows how to setup Background color (mono, fix), or tile image, please let me know!

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