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  • Good plugin, but the free version is very difficult to customize. Support is vague and points you to the Pro version for many questions.

    Maybe I’ll revise this review if I can get the plugin to work the way I would like it to. As it is, I’m frustrated at the difficulty of customizing it.

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    Hey, rchrisbishop – Rob from Modern Tribe here. Thanks for this…I saw your review and wanted to touch base on it. While I always enjoy receiving positive reviews, ones like this are even more valuable because they help us realize where we’re failing people. On that same token, I do want to apologize on behalf of the whole team for building a plugin that let you down. If the plugin lacks the flexibility you want – then that is unquestionably a failure on our end.

    I would be interested in hearing the types of customizations you’re looking to make, for a couple of reasons. The first is that the impending 3.0 release (shipping sometime this week) has rewritten the template structure substantially, and from the few rounds of beta we went through the general consensus among users was that this new code is much easier to work with. If you could shed some light on the customizations or even just link me to the thread-in-question, I could try to answer from that 3.0 perspective.

    Your point that support is vague is an interesting one, and that’s something it sounds like I need to work with the team on. Our goal is to be as specific and detailed as we can so people find a resolution quickly. That said, we obviously have limits to what kind of support we can provide for a free plugin – and while we try to help everyone equally, resources for customization-related issues are admittedly more finite for free users than paying ones for financial reasons alone. We hope people will read our sticky post providing an overview of what support to expect here on dot-org ( and that users will then factor that into deciding what plugin is best for them. Ultimately our thinking is: we’ll offer a free version for those who want a simple calendar or who need limited support. For those seeking more features and a greater level of support, the PRO license is available at – based on what we’ve heard from the community – is a reasonable price considering all that’s included.

    I hope this shed some light on the process. I do want to try and make things right here, or at least identify what we could improve on our end during the 3.0 lifecycle to make the product more appealing to folks like yourself. Anything you can do to show me what you were going for would be really appreciated. Thanks again for your honest feedback and taking the time to write this review.

    I would like more ways of filtering events by category other than adding them to the primary nav. I have two different parent categories, and I’d like to be able to filter for different criteria.

    I know it’s free, and thank you for it. I’m getting it to work the way I want, but with a lot of effort.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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