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  • ebonweaver


    For what it is, it works technically, other than you can’t see any projects in the back end unless you’re an admin. That bug aside, no other technical issues. However design wise it’s really odd and limited. The word “phases” is odd, and doesn’t make sense given what they are and the existence of milestones. Really phases should be called tasks, and task should be sub tasks. The main issue is nothing has due dates. A Project can have a start and stop, but that’s it. No milestone, phase, or task can have a due date. That pretty much makes it useless for tracking and accountability. Also missing are other common things like Status of things (like in work, pending, rejected, etc). Milestones are limited to 3 or 4 in a project, which is… well limiting. So while I only found one bug and nothing that technically prevented use, I just don’t see it as very useful the way it’s designed. Pity because it looks pretty good. So with a few basic common sense project management additions, which should be easy given the main framework is in place, this would be a really solid plugin. I could then see calendar, gant chart, and kanban being paid add on capabilities.

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