• I am new to WordPress and discovered this great page builder named Elementor a few weeks ago.

    Seems to make developing a ‘drag and drop’ site a piece of cake.

    But as I now discover more useful plug-ins, like MyStickyMenu, I’m discovering Elementor doesn’t play ‘nice’ with quite a few of them.

    Elementor has a built-in sticky feature for the Pro version which I have. Problem is…it has a BUG!

    It works as it should when scrolling vertically BUT once the sticky header is engaged…the header will not resize or be responsive horizontally if you change the size of your browser window.

    So, I Googled for a solution and came across MyStickyMenu, installed it and without having to do anything…my live site’s sticky header was working as it should!

    My live site’s sticky header worked vertically by staying on top and then resized horizontally as it should.

    But when I went in to edit a page using Elementor…sure enough…Elementor would not load properly.

    I had to then disable MyStickyMenu and live with Elementor’s flawed version of the sticky header.

    So…as far as I’m concerned…MyStickyMenu works as advertised but like so many things with WordPress…other solutions won’t work with it.

    Las Vegas

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  • Plugin Author Tomer Aharon


    Hi @amason6685 🙂
    Thanks for the review!

    Would you like to share with us access to your site so we can see what we can do to adjust myStickymenu with your Elementor?

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