• I was previously using the native iOS app banner, and this old plugin for android (which now appears to be abandoned but still works).

    However, the old plugin was causing a cumulative layout shift, and affecting my page speed score.

    So I decided to try this new plugin.

    It works, and it appears on top of the webpage (rather than above the webpage) which prevents the cumulative layout shift issues I was having before.
    However, for iOS, it is not as functional as the native app banner. The “View” button does not change to “Open” if the app is already installed, the review stars are not displayed and price are not displayed, and the app’s icon is not clickable – you must tap the “view” button to go to the App Store.

    As such – I feel the screenshot is a little misleading, as is the app descritpion of the “View” and “Open” functionality.

    It does the job, but Apple’s banner works better for iOS.

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