• Hello,
    Your plugin works mostly as described however I do not think your statement of it “supporting Pre-Auth” transactions is accurate.

    It supports Pre-Auth transactions but you are unable to then “capture” those transactions from within WooCommerce.

    You have to login to eWay separately and then manually compare the transactions from WooCommerce to the eWay Pre-Auths (in the eway dashboard) and then manually capture them in eWay one by one by one. When dealing with 10 or so per day is no issue but when dealing with 20-30+ per day that starts to become a major oversight and issue.

    Shopify’s eWay integration supports the Authorization and later Capture of pre-auth transactions.
    I don’t understand why your WooCommerce plugin cannot do the same from within WooCommerce?

    For that reason its a 3 star at this point in my book.

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