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works but NOT entirely FREE

  • Installed with no problems, has good features BUT the free version only works for 30 days, then what? PAY. Otherwise the free version reverts to a catch: “The only catch is that you may only build your list with users who subscribe from your signup form.” This makes it a poor program if you get a lot of other contacts you want to send the newsletters to.. So I keep looking for something else, especially that the High Volume version costs a whopping $399 a month!! Crazy.. Thanks for reading, Groggo

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  • Email marketing is a tool that can be used to help grow your company, build your brand and so much more. We offer the Free For Life plan to those just getting started in the world of email marketing and those who are only building their lists with our signup forms. If email marketing is working for your business, and helping it grow, then yes…eventually you may have to move into a paid plan (which I may add start at $9.95/month). The WordPress plugin, Benchmark Email Lite, is just one of the MANY free resources we offer to our users. There also is not extra charges for things like polls and surveys. Benchmark Email is a champion of small businesses and offers competitive pricing in our industry.

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