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  • This is a very mixed bag. Their original product feature set (auto-posting new blog posts to various social media sites) is good and it still works well.

    Then, after that, they added a feature to it which they announced with great fanfare, and which would have been very, very valuable…if it had worked. The feature was auto-reposting of OLD blog posts.

    Unfortunately, the new feature did NOT work reliably and there were many, many requests for help, both in the form of help tickets on the company’s site, and also on the support forum on the company’s site.

    Eventually, the company just quit responding to the help requests. That only made the users even more frustrated. Finally, after many, many weeks of this, the company “updated” the product, and removed the new feature from it.

    It’s probably still worth buying and using, but don’t expect to have any sort of reliable support if you run into problems. That’s why I gave it only a two-star rating, because their support was just awful during the ordeal of the new feature.

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    I misspoke: they have not removed the defective feature. They just say (on their website) that they won’t support it.

    It would be a nice idea if they’d put text on the feature setting page warning that the feature’s implementation is flawed and they don’t support it. That way, users will know not to waste time on it.

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    Feature is actually working fine. It’s just turned out it’s extremely hard to configure and use. We spent several months helping people to setup it correctly almost full time. We just can’t do it. We can’t spent all our time explaining how to setup re-posting.

    So yes, we officially dropped support for this feature in it’s current state. We learned a lot during those months and now we understand how to make it right. This feature will be completely re-done in the verison 3.5.

    Again, it’s not defective. It works fine for a lot of people. If you carefully read the documentation you can set it up right.

    If not, you can just wait for 3.5

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    You said, “Again, it’s not defective. It works fine for a lot of people. If you carefully read the documentation you can set it up right.”

    Well, I *have* read the documentation carefully, and it still doesn’t work. Does that mean that I not followed the documentation and have done something wrong? I can’t tell, because you never replied to my requests for help.

    Note that it’s your lack of response to legitimate support requests that led to my two-star rating. Also note that until I posted this relatively negative review and rating, you never replied to any of my messages to you.

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