• Payment with card and Revolut Pay works fine and the checkout page looks good.

    An important feature I miss is better support of a payment flow with first authorizing the payment only and capturing it later when the order is moved to a specific status (e.g. completed). Currently it can only be selected to capture automatically when the order is moved to either “Processing” or “Complete”, which normally will capture immediately. It is only a quite small addition that is necessary to make this work: the ability to select one or multiple order statuses where a payment should be captured when an order is moved to that status.
    Here it would be important that capturing is not just initiated, but also confirmed, e.g. by moving the order to another (user-defined) state, or moving it to some (user-defined) error state in case capturing was not successful. Alternatively, payment status (authorized/captured) could be an order attribute and shown in the order list. Then it would be important to get notified (for example by an email) if the capturing was not successful.

    I’m also missing translation to more languages. Would it be possible to contribute a translation for only the most important user-facing texts (such as what is shown on the checkout and how the payment method is called in emails etc.)?

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    Hi @felix8274 ,

    Thank you very much for your rating and feedback. We will take your suggestion into consideration and add it to our Roadmap.

    Regarding the features described, we do have the option for manual capture, as in the order gets paid by the customer, the customer’s bank authorises the transfer, at this moment in time, the order will be in authorised state in the Revolut Business App and in ‘On hold’ state in WooCommerce dashboard. In this case, it is the merchant that has to manually capture the payment. If he does not capture it in 7 days, money will return to the customer and capture will no longer be possible. It is not exactly the flow that you described but hopefully it might be something you can make use of for now.

    Regarding the languages, that is actually available, if you choose your website to display in a different language, our plugin’s text will change to the site’s language. Available languages are :

    (English) – Default,

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    The feature about choosing which statuses will cause a payment capture is now added (thanks!) and a first test with it worked. I cannot say anything about the reliability yet.

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