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  • Well, the only reason I use this is because the RokSprocket plugin does not work without gantry.

    This plugin changes the way your entire website works. NOTHING is standard and NOTHING follows the wordpress nomenclature. If you want to add other plugins, better get ready for hours upon hours of backbreaking php work. Oh, and don’t expect any sort of proper documentation.

    There is none. For example, implementing something simple, such as featured-video-plus was a 15 hour task. There were about 50 bugs to hunt down, and quite a bit of guesswork on how to get it to work. It ended up with me manually checking about 50 undocumented gantry php objects to find one that I could than use to hack gantry and featured-video-plus to work together.

    All in all, not a good experience. Especially because I don’t really use any of the out-of-the-box features. NOT THAT THERE ARE MANY, since the wast majority are locked behind a paywall. If you want all the fancy things to work, you need to pay for a proper rockettheme template.

    Oh, also, don’t expect any support. There’s very limited amounts posted on the freeweb, and the rockettheme support forums are blocked behind a paywall as well.

    Oh, also the gantry plugin+theme’s are about 500 php/css documents heavy. Come prepackaged with all sorts of bloat, like bootstrap. There’s tons of useless layout options, half of which i think don’t work. I mostly just ended up not using it. I’ve done everything by editing the gantry php and css files. Got fucking help me if it ever chooses to auto update.

    So Seriously I’d avoid this like a plague, if I was not forced into using it because of roksprocket. This is not a product for the poweruser.

    On the upside, it does work.

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  • Spot on!

    Used v4 for a client Website, and it took me almost a month just to figure out the content layout mechanism. What a drag.

    The worst part, too many additional plugins are needed to fully flesh out a Website using this thing. If any one needs updating, the potential of bugging out the framework is exponential.

    Highly not recommended, especially since so many other common sense and WordPress-specific builders are already available. Also, keep in mind Rockettheme’s target audience is Joomla users, not WordPress. Just try navigating any of their poorly written docs, and you’ll eventually come across a “Joomla” page when you were expecting WordPress.


    This is hilarious – just to prove my above point, realizing v5 is now available for WordPress, literally months after the Joomla version, I clicked on

    I see a link to WordPress installation instructions, which comically redirects to a video “How to install Gantry 5 (Joomla)!

    You can’t make this stuff up.

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