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  • jblevins1996


    The plugin works and does what it’s supposed to… However it does it’s job somewhat disappointingly.

    If you have a large emailing list, like most e-commerce websites do for sales this plugin will not work. I have an emailing list of 2,500 email addresses. The plugin will add maybe 80-120 users at a time then crashes and redirects to a blank white screen. So I am sitting here, re-running the plugin at least 30 times just to get all of my users added.

    Great plugin otherwise. If you fix the issue, let me know. I will leave you a better review once the issue is fixed.

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  • Plugin Author Javier Carazo


    Good afternoon @jblevins1996,

    Why before writing a review you have not asked in the supports forum? We always answer fast to avoid all kind of problems and not so good reviews like it.

    The problem that you describe is not from this plugin, the problem is from your hosting, it has some kind of time execution limit that this plugin try to disable but some hosting does not allow it.

    It is very disappointed for us, work hard, answer faster, and always for free and have this kind of reviews.

    Please ask your host to disable temporaly this kind of PHP limits and you will have all done in only once.



    Thanks for your quick reply.

    “Why before writing a review you have not asked in the supports forum?”
    I saw “Premium Support” and I am not a premium customer. I figured it was only for premium customers so I did not ask haha.

    Do you know what the time execution term is called? I’m not sure what to ask them to enable/disable. Any further guidance would be highly appreciated.


    Plugin Author Javier Carazo



    Personal support yes, it has cost; but if you ask in the forum, it is always free.

    You have to ask your hosting and tell something like:

    In this time and date: (tell here exactly the hour the limit has been reached) I was importing users in my WordPress and the process has been stopped. This is a long time process so I would need to have no PHP execution limits

    Anyway, it is really frustrating that new users can read: “Works, but has some problems…” and a not good rate, after using dozens of hours in it and after answering so fast.

    We try to be quickly, we try to be useful… and the only thing we want is a good review not a bad one.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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