• Why is there a separate field “From Email Address” when it is never used?
    No matter what is entered in the from field, instead the OAuth Email Address is always used. This means that all email sent from the company website will appear to the receiver of the mail as if I, just a webdeveloper, sent the email. I want the from email address to be different from the OAuth email address.
    Either the From address schould replace the OAuth email, or if that is not possible (as I am starting to suspect), remove that From field because it is not working and is very confusing because of it.

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  • Plugin Author Noor Alam


    @rob64, I really don’t understand the reason for your review. You are blaming the plugin for something that Google does for security reasons? You are using their email API. They can do whatever they want.

    The SMTP object supports a From Email address and the plugin is passing it to their API. If Google supports this in the future it will start to work automatically.

    Yes, Google can do whatever they want. But your plugin supports the Gmail API specifically and while configuring your plugin for Gmail, you present me with a form that has a “From Email Address”, with the explanation that it will be used as the “From” Email address. So forgive me for assuming that that field will actually be used as the “From” Email Address.
    Don’t hide behind “it’s Google’s fault”. You adapt your plugin to however Google designs their API. And if Google will always overrule the From Address with the OAuth address, then do not present the “From Email Address” field to the user. You must understand that that will result in confusion, right? Or at the very least include some disclaimer somewhere that that field will not work as intended when using it with a Gmail account.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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