• constantinova


    Over the last year, I’ve had a horrific time signing into WP.org: it constantly asked me to “prove [my] humanity” by doing simple arithmetic problems, then took me right back to the sign-in with yet another “prove your humanity” math problem. I could virtually never get in. Until I got MiniOrange (Google Authenticator 2-Factor Authentication). Using my phone, I can get a code immediately from the mini-orange app, or request an email be sent with a code. The installation was simple, setup relatively easy to understand (I got confused with one part, when it said it failed with my email address, but M-O Support got back to me within 24 hours). I have never been locked out of my account, and I feel very happy with the security and efficiency of MiniOrange. I’d recommend it to anyone who wishes some additional security for a blog host that permits anyone to sign in from any device.

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