• After searching for days and days and only finding plugins that use monthly subscriptions and/or are extremely complicated to configure, this is a gem.

    I tried most of the other plugins (CookieYes, Complianz, Iubenda, CookieFirst,…). They either try to do too much, or they promise all will be auto-configured but not after answering at least 1000 questions.

    Pressidium takes care of both the cookie consent and Google’s Consent Mode V2.

    Do mind, you will have to figure out what cookies your website uses and which scripts need to be blocked. This can be quite some work but I did find out that the cookie scanners (Google ‘cookie scanner’ and you’ll find many) do not catch ALL the cookies on your site. So you still will need to go check through Chrome Developer and figure out all cookies one by one. But at least you will not miss any.

    Don’t forget to check pages with different functionality (embeds etc) to catch more cookies!

    So this is not a plugin for someone who wants to have it all done without any effort on their side. I felt overwhelmed at first but once you get into it is not so bad. And support is very fast.

    Highly recommended!!!!!

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