• Everything is alright with this plugin and it works beautifully barring some suggestions I made in my previous review.

    There’s a new issue I’m facing right now and it’s about the LCP. On Google Search Console, all my webstories are marked as “Needs Improvement” and since the time this notificaiton shot up, my web stories traffic has gone down from 40k-50k to almost 0. I’ve checked the other aspects like google webstories guidelines etc and I don’t think I have any policy violations. There are no AMP errors. This LCP being high (3.2s) is the only point that seems to be a hindrance. Unfortunately I am unable to find any solution unless the developers have something to suggest.

    Hi, is there no support available for this plugin anymore?


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    Improvement Suggestion after Heavy Usage:

    An option to resize and optimize images will be really helpful. Image size has been causing google to flag out LCP related issues. Especially the free images from unsplash etc, are getting used in full size and that increases the page load time.

    An option to copy and paste text/image styles would do wonders.

    If the makestories app could be able to gauge the page insights or load time somehow, it will again help the users. In a longer run, google throws you out of circulation even if your articles follow guidelines. This is due to factors such as load time etc.

    There needs to be an easier way to navigate between pages. Couldn’t really find a useful way to do it if I need to go from page 1 to 10.

    During upload, if the image name can be picked up as ALT Text it will save users a lot of time making it a very good experience overall. During publishing though the ALT text should be displayed in one go so if user notices anything amiss, that can be corrected.

    A single click “Remove Animation” from all sides could also be usefull.

    A copy and paste of animation style will also be very usefull.


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