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  • Title pretty much says it all. For sites on which wp-content directory has been renamed, no data shows up at all in the dashboard.

    It would be great to see this issue addressed, since this plugin would be great otherwise.

    Oh, also, this is a smaller issue but worth mentioning: There is a small conflict with the Better WP Security plugin. I’m using that plugin’s Hide Backend feature on my sites, which remaps /wp-admin/ to /admin/ so that any attempts to access /wp-admin/ will go to a not found page.

    Therefore when I try to use the update plugin links for a site from within the Client Status plugin, I am taken to a not found page. This is not the end of the world, since the main use of this plugin (for me) is being notified of the need for updates, rather than having one-click access to making these updates, and I am certainly capable of taking the extra steps to log in to sites needing updates. Nonetheless I thought it was worth mentioning in case others are also trying to use both these plugins at once.

    Also for others trying to use both plugins, this is probably self-evident but will mention anyway: you will need to deactivate the following features on the Better WP Security “Tweaks” page in order to get accurate data from the Client Status plugin: Hide Plugin Update Notifications, Hide Core Update Notifications, and Display random version number to all non-administrative users.

    Anyway to the developer, thanks very much for the plugin!

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