Simple to use and yet very effective.

    Note: In some languages, blank spaces (” “) are not used for word separation (i.e. SomeLanguagesHaveNoSpacesInBetween) like chinese, japanese, etc. Therefore in those situations it won’t work as it thinks “SomeLanguagesHaveNoSpacesInBetween” is one word. As a work around, you need to space out the word so this plugin works.

    Lets’ say you want to have the hover text just for “have”, you’ll need to append and prepend a space (” “) like so: “SomeLanguages Have NoSpacesInBetween”. An aesthetic sacrifice, but does the job.

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    @clrd: Thanks for the review and kind words!

    I’d be interested in pursuing better support for languages without spaces, though I’m curious about your particular use-case or those you’ve seen.

    Would having the option to ignore spaces as separators work in those languages? Obviously that wouldn’t work in something like English because defining hover text for something like “cat” would incorrectly match a word like “catch”, but for languages without spaces, would that not be a concern?

    There are some further difficulties from just having a checkbox to turn on/off support for a space as a word delimiter if someone is making posts utlizing multiple language, e.g. English and Japanese. The safest approach in that case might be to have a second input field; the original input field defines hover text when a space should be used as a word delimiter (as it currently does) and the second input (the new one) defines hover text when a space shouldn’t be used.

    Do those suggestions sound like they might help?

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    That’s a good point. In other languages as well, if spaces were ignored as separators, it would also prove problematic for word matching.

    The current work around of appending/prepending the separator is not bad at all. It’s been working well for me so far, and hardly even noticeable actually.

    The suggestion on using two input fields will definitely offer more flexibility for other users; but in my case, I will have to stick with the work around, as it may potentially confuse a compound word of multiple characters with those ignoring the space (i.e. the plain form). Resulting in a double hover text, one for the compound word, and one within it (in the plain form).

    Appreciate the suggestion though. As it is, it has been working for my use case. So no complaints. Thanks.

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