• I works pretty nicely.
    But on pages where content is loaded through JS, said content is sometimes cut off by the footer (it starts a little too high in those cases).
    Therefore I can’t use the plugin effectively on my site

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    Thank you for your review.

    The page length is evaluated by this plugin on page load. The plugin does not allow for this as most WordPress sites do not have content added via a script, so this was not a consideration when the plugin was created.

    I note that before leaving your review you did not request support to find out whether a fix or workaround for this might be possible, and without specific details it is not possible to look into this.

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    I was able to fix it by changing this line
    add_filter( ‘plugin_row_meta’, ‘cc_stomp_meta_links’, 10, 2 );
    add_filter( ‘plugin_row_meta’, ‘cc_stomp_meta_links’, 20, 2 );

    I know it’s not a very reliable way to do it because it just puts the script into the queue later, but maybe this helps someone.

    And sorry I didn’t ask for help first, didn’t really expect such a quick response.


    PS: I cannot link you to my page because it lives in an intranet. However I can tell you which plugins I had problems with.
    “WP Pro Quiz”: The start quiz button was hidden behind the footer.
    “PDF Embedder”: Embedded PDFs were partially hidden behind the footer.

    I’m currently fine to use your plugin with my small hotfix. Not sure if you want to adopt it or investigate furhter

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    I’m rather puzzled as to how changing the priority of the filter on the plugin_row_meta hook would affect this as this should only run on the backend.

    I would probably first try changing the priority of the cc_stomp_scripts() function on the wp_footer hook.

    Plugin Author cubecolour


    I’ve looked into this now by installing the quiz plugin & setting up a simple quiz. It looks like the issue occurs when there is short content on page load which results in the footer being fixed by this plugin, but then longer content replaces the original content.

    I am not aware of any javascript (or jQuery) feature which can be used to detect a change in the document height to retrigger a function, so you would either need the function to be retriggered at regular intervals which would negatively impact performance, or an event would need to be triggered by the script which is changing the content.

    Plugin Author cubecolour


    I believe I may have a fix for this. I have a beta version of the plugin which needs more testing. It works by means of a shortcode which must be added to any page that uses content added to the page after the initial page load. The shortcode runs a js function to check at regular intervals whether the document height has changed. On pages without dynamically added content, the shortcode won’t need to be added as the check won’t need to be done. Consequently there will be no negative impact on performance on those pages.

    Please contact me via the contact form on my site, cubecolour.co.uk if you would like to test this version of the plugin.

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