• I always read the one-star reviews. Always. And the one-stars tell me if it’s going to be worthwhile to further check out or go find something else.

    The ARVE plugin one-star reviews convinced me that, yes, research this one. So, I Googled it and went to the developer’s website, too.

    Armed with that research, I opted to try this plugin and was quite pleased with its free version. So I bought a five-site license for the pro add-on…because it’s a very good, well-coded plugin. It’s smooth, efficient, and does exactly what I need it to do, which is resize videos on-the-fly depending on the container the embedded video is placed in on the WordPress CMS and on what kind of device and resolution/OS/app/browser is accessing it. This plugin does exactly that with no hand-coding needed. With a click of a button, you simply copy/paste your video’s URL into the provided space and it sets it into your post or page. Wonderful.

    As to the whining about paying the guy for a license for the pro version, you people have absolutely NO respect for the huge amount of time and effort that goes into, not just creating a plugin that works seamlessly, but keeping it updated to the constant updates of the WordPress software.

    Get real. You want to be paid for your work. Don’t begrudge someone their just due for theirs.

    And, no, the FREE version didn’t dump a bunch of ads or duns for payment in front of me. Not at all. Of course, I only had it installed for an hour before being convinced I wanted the Pro Add-on …which I DO suggest because, honestly, he’s only asking a pittance for it. Really!

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  • Plugin Author Nico


    Thank you so much, I wish everyone would think like you. Just needed to come back here and reread your review to cheer me up a little after another hater came and claimed the Pro Addon is a ripoff.

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