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  • Hello guys,

    I believe this is more of a local permissions issue and not really a wordpress specific problem. But any input would be greatly helpful.

    I’m currently running a wordpress IIS server for site hosting (lets call it Web01), then running a separate IIS server for web application hosting. (Apps01)

    I’m trying to utilize virtual directories on Web01 to dish out the content provided by Apps01 on my website.

    I might not quite understand how this transaction is suppose to function. I have some questions about my IIS site layout and error I’m running into.

    So Apps01 hosts an IIS application called FileRun in an IIS site simply called “FTP”. going to http://localhost shows the application launches properly and I can login and use it just fine.

    On Web01, I created a virtual directory under my main web IIS site called “ftp” as well. When I attempt to go to It loads a page stating “ION Loader is required” however, I already have this ION Loader, loaded on Apps01 and it is functional. (as it is part of the FileRun, install).

    So I guess my question here is, why is Web01 stating it needs ION Loader, when it in the technical sense, should only be routing the traffic to Apps01 where the application is running?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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