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  • Hello,

    Love your plugin! I am now using it with another plugin called Peepso. Peepso is a social networking plugin that is outstanding. In what find is a majority of cases Widget Logic works perfectly.

    Peepso does have one issue when using Widget Logic on comments and reply pages for the social network.

    I have a specific widget set and working well on the network page, which is also the home page. I’ve tried conditional tags in a widget to have it appear with

    is_page ( array (‘home-page’) ), is_front_page(), etc and it works in every instance with the same result. Great as always!

    The problem comes when a post or comment from peepso social network occurs. The url for a post or comment in peepso trails on the same page with “/?status/10632-10632” for example.

    That widget now also displays on these pages and I don’t want it to.

    Is there a way to prevent this widget from displaying on these pages with WL?


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