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    I am new to wordpress and did not create the site I am trying to edit although I have used Dreamweaver many times.
    I tried to replace a png file (w a similar file w/transparent bkg) on the header . I named new file the same as the old name and then I deleted old file but new one is not showing up.

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  • This is the path I see under media along with the image, I also see the path when I go to view source in a browser but where do I check for the problem? I looked under Appearance >Editor and did not see it there, all I am seeing there is blockquote.png.
    I feel like this should be a no brainer.
    <img src=”” alt=”Request A Quote” />
    So it I showing the correct image but…see top right hand corner



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    the image is not found;
    try to upload the image again (for instance using the ‘media’ uploader) and double check the image location.

    Thanks so much for responding. Previously I uploaded the image every which way I could. This time I deleted all the other failed uploaded images and uploaded via media upload and it still will not show up. Where else am I double checking the image location other than edit media and on the header itself?

    When I click on header it says image address “request_a_quote.png”
    When I go to edit media it says

    I am having many senior moments today, I have done this non-wordpress like a gazillion times…help 🙁 it’s going to be something really simple I just know it!!!!



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    Look at the date in the file paths – they are not the same :)!

    🙂 I see that now but I deleted the one from earlier 2012, and the 2013 is the one I just uploaded. Not sure why the year changed within a couple hours other than I am on my computer now vs. my work computer earlier.

    Pleaseeee tell me where else to look because they are both saying “request_a_quote.png”
    with Dreamweaver I would just change the path to come from the image folder and that always solved the break in the link. I thought WordPress was suppose to be easier, I am about to cry 🙂 not really.



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    If that does not answer your question, you may need to go to the developer for help — WooThemes — as these forums don’t support commercial themes — we don’t have access to them so if it’s a theme specific issue, they’ll be the ones who can help you.

    Thank you for that article and yes that is how I ordinarily do it but I cannot insert it near any text because it is just going on the header to the right. I also have to update the logo on the header on the left, so I will be running into the same problem. Maybe I am not as good as I thought I was 🙁

    I think I got it now. On the header the missing link has a marker of 2012 because it was uploaded in 2012. I changed it in 2013 so that’s why the paths do not match. If anyone can tell me where I can edit one of the paths please let me know. I swear I have clicked on every option and the only place I would think I can change it, I am not able too…in, Media> edit> file url. I have never spent so much time on something that is usually so simple. I won’t bug you all anymore, thank you all anyway.

    Thanks everyone! Today was a success- Mission Accomplished.
    I went in via FTP from my host and recognized the file structure much better (I guess you could call it the back end) vs where I was logging in at WordPress all this time!!!!!!…so then the path thing was quite easy. Thanks millions!!!!!!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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