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  1. VHormazabal
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have a create a custom post type (Contest) with the help of a plugin, I added custom fields for the data: Name, Date, Dance Style, etc, etc. All is working fine.

    Each Contest have multiple entries (dance styles) and multiple winners.

    For the multiple entries I'm using a tag that shows all the posts related to one particular tag (Tag=Particular contest), the multiple winners were show using custom fields (First Place, Second Place, etc), but now I have a problem, the client want that each winner have his own profile page with personal info and the lists of wins.
    I mean that each winner need to have a automatic link (need to be automatic because they have a staff that add the entries) to his own profile and list of wins.

    How I can do that?, without programming?, I'm web developer, I not a programmer, and the winners are not users!.

    Any idea is welcome

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