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    I’ve work with another plugin and i want to show taxonomy images of woocommerce attributes. It is a search plugin, so results will be changing.

    Example: I can get static images or can echo wc_placeholder_img_src() How can i import taxonomy images on this plugin? or can i? thanks in advance.

    <li class="woof_term_<?php echo $term['term_id'] ?> <?php if ($hide_next_term_li): ?>woof_hidden_term<?php endif; ?>">
    /**example**/<img class="my-example-div" src="<?php echo esc_url( wc_placeholder_img_src() ); ?> "> /**example**/
    <input type="radio" <?php if (!$count AND ! in_array($term['slug'], $current_request) AND $show_count): ?>disabled=""<?php endif; ?> id="<?php echo 'woof_' . $term['term_id'] . '_' . $inique_id ?>" class="woof_radio_term woof_radio_term_<?php echo $term['term_id'] ?>" data-slug="<?php echo $term['slug'] ?>" data-term-id="<?php echo $term['term_id'] ?>" name="<?php echo $tax_slug ?>" value="<?php echo $term['term_id'] ?>" <?php echo checked(in_array($term['slug'], $current_request)) ?> /><label class="woof_radio_label <?php if (in_array($term['slug'], $current_request)): ?>woof_radio_label_selected<?php endif; ?>" for="<?php echo 'woof_' . $term['term_id'] . '_' . $inique_id ?>"><?php
                        if (has_filter('woof_before_term_name'))
                            echo apply_filters('woof_before_term_name', $term, $taxonomy_info);
                            echo $term['name'];
                        ?><?php echo $count_string ?></label>
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