• It would be nice to be able to control where the pickup drop-down list appeared on the check out page. I would like to have it right under the shipping options radio buttons.

    Otherwise, this plugin is working well with WordPress 5.9.3 and WooCommerce Version 6.4.1

    Thank you!

    I found the right way to use this plugin:
    When I correctly Enabled “Pickup Time” in the local pickup Settings Dialog, the Drop down for pickup times moved to exactly where I wanted it, under the Local Pickup Radio check box.


    For others having this problem, take these steps through the menus to enable it:
    Woo Commerce / Settings / Shipping / Shipping zones
    Choose the one you want for local option (or you can add it to all your zones)
    add a local shipping method (I called mine In-Store Pickup)
    Edit the local shipping method
    Enable Pickup Time


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