I need a little bit of help with finding a plugin that works to put a watermark on WEBP images. I tried all the ones that are supposed to support webp but none of them works. Also most only have an auto add function for when you upload webp images. I need one that works and to be able to add the watermark manually in the media library section. I have searched high and low on Google and found nothing. Some of the plugins should not even be listed. I read the reviews first and tested them but no watermark appears. It is frustrating because all my websites now use webp images upload directly. I use the Performance Lap plugin to convert the images to webp and that is the best one so far. The others are just clickbait rubbish.
    My website is self-hosted on my own Windows Server 2019 server using the Internat Information Services. I even struggled with that for a few days to find out how to get WEBP images to show on my websites because at first there were just blank images and I found something on a forum that explained how to do it on IIS with an image. I am not an expert but have been using WordPress now for six years on my Windows server.
    These are my websites listed below.
    Those websites are right-click protected but my test website is not so if you right-click and click save image you will see the Save as type. WEBP FILE (*.webp).
    Aadrianmcmastergaming.com/test You can see the server in the image on the right under the left desk.
    Any help would be very appreciated.
    Best regards Adrian

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @mcgistics you might try contacting one of the plugins which adds a watermark to other images and see if they plan on adding WebP support. It’s probably something they have on their mind, but perhaps they lack the time and resources to add support sooner.

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    Ok I will try that.

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