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  • A wonderful theme for Pivot by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg. I have two issues at the moment:

    a) I don’t quite see how I can theme the calendar, I haven’t wanted to before, but Marco’s theme really requires it. ie..cannot find calendar anywhere in the wp files to see what i need to define in the css. ???

    b) I can’t seem to get the javascript themeswitcher to work. Whenever i put it in the head tags, it breaks the themes. I’m sure its an issue of getting the directory defined correctly and here is what I have..
    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/wp-content/themes/slick_for_WP/switcher.js"></script>
    and within the .js file the theme directory has to be defined as well, but because its not a php file i simply took the url from /themes onward.. which may also be a wrong thing to do.

    The dev site is and Marco’s themes site is at

    I would really apprectate pointers on both issues

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    You may want to use the Theme Switcher plugin instead of the javascript function (though I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about):

    All calendar-related styling should be found under #wp-calendar.

    I use the theme switcher for the other themes on that site, but what Marco has done, rather than create separate and distinct themes in different directories, is have a base css and layout, and have alternate stylesheets defined between the head tags, and subdirectories within the theme directory for the graphic elements. For this he is using javascript. I’ll keep trying before I cave in and make an individual theme for each of those styles…

    Kafkaesqui: I don’t see it. Is that the css class/id I need to create…

    If it’s not in your style.css, copy it all over from the one in default or classic, and work with that.

    ok thanks, will do

    Thanks K, that worked beautifully.

    Now to figure out that .js problem.

    crikey – that’s looking smart

    Marco is a fabulous themer, IMO. I love his work.

    Well thanks guys! I’m flattered!

    If you need assistance, let me know!

    The javascript should work regardless on which publishing system you are. Just use these lines:

    <link rel="alternate stylesheet" href="/some/path/grey.css" type="text/css" title="grey" />

    Then, in the .js file change the TEMPLATEDIR to wherever the alternate CSS files live (it should be /some/path/) and you should be fine!

    well heck, Marco… fancy seeing you here… I was almost on the brink of messaging you on the Pivot forums, which I have kept in (reading) touch with, even though I have kinda abandoned ship

    I did do already as you suggest, and it was not working. it just laid there and did nothing, as if the path was invisible to it. I may have got the path wrong, but…

    I am not sure if perhaps theres a conflict with the wordpress themeswitcher plugin, but I would not have thought so.

    I need to sleep on it, and maybe try again tomorrow.

    On another note: where did you get that older version of the theme? The final version looks different than yours. To be specific: the borders of the columns don’t have the 45 degrees-lines but a pixel-style shading. Here’s my demosite:

    You’ll see the difference!

    Indeed I do see the difference, and in fact was a bit surprised that it didnt have that pixel shading which I liked best. I just thought that must have been one of your personal site mods which wasnt available to the rest of us. I downloaded it via your “choice” site just a few of days ago.

    Hmm… actually just thinking on it, I think I might have got it from one of the Pivot sites as well… there was something called slick 1.0.1 which is what I ended up using.

    [edit] the 45 degree lines are in all three zip files which I have now downloaded (2 the other day and today the one you pointed to)… the pixel shaded background is in the subfolder of each, but I guess the theme is taking that graphic from the main pics directory for me. (Because it can’t seem to see the subdirectory, I havent worked that coding out yet)

    Hmmm that’s possible. I changed it later on so I guess I forgot to delete the file with the 45 degree lines. Anyway the pixel shade is what it’s supposed to use. 🙂

    Well thats fixed now, and I managed to completely break the layout when fiddling with other things. Giving it a rest for a day or so and come back with a fresh outlook tomorrow or Sunday.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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