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  • Hey,
    I would really like to work on a new theme for my website, is it possible to do this behind the scenes? So the theme I am working on is only visible for me and not the guests?



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  • You might like this plugin:

    But if you’re developing a whole theme to a live site, there are better approaches. One is to work on it only locally on your computer — you can set up a local server. When I work on just the CSS of a site (if I’m not changing the templates or other coding), I simply copy the source of the generated page from the live site, save it as a file, and open in my HTML editor. I make changes in the CSS and examine the outcome in the browser. I only upload the changed CSS file when I’m happy with the changes.

    Another thing I do is set up a demo site in a folder on my regular domain, and password protect it. I can work on the site in any way I choose, changing templates, adding plugins, altering the CSS. When I’m done, I transfer over the changes to the live site (which can be a bit tricky depending on how much my demo site has diverged from the live site).

    I do NOT recommend editing the files from within the WordPress admin panel. It’s easy to screw up your site that way. Use an HTML editor and work on a copy of the site.

    There’s a plugin that does this. But if you want to start creating themes (it can be addicting and quite satisfying), you may want to think about just creating a subdomain where you can install another copy of WP and play with that to your heart’s content. And release the finished product when you are ready. It also servers as a demo site if you want it to.

    Failing that, install Apache/PHP/MySQL locally on your computer and just develop the theme there. I recommend YellowTip Web Server. You have to register at the site to download it, but it’s free and very easy to set up and configure.

    Here’s the link to that plugin, I think it may be exactly what you’re looking for.

    Theme Test Drive

    Thanks very much, I actually use easyPHP which is similar to yellowtip for developing login scripts, I never thought about installing wordpress locally.

    Thanks for the heads up!


    You bet!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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