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  • Ken Carlson and I are working on a 4.0 version that adds some new features:

    Many new admin screen features:
    1. The admin settings are now grouped into a tabbed interface.
    2. A new way if navigating multiple forms via a drop down select instead of hyperlinks.
    3. You can re-order the display sequence of all the fields via a drag and drop interface.
    4. This makes it easy to add a new field anywhere in the form.
    5. The standard fields (name,email,subject,message) can now be manipulated and re-ordered along with the extra fields.
    6. This makes it easy to add a new field anywhere in the form.
    7. You can optionally set a field to be side-by-side with another field.
    8. A new codebase with better use of class structure
    9. … and much more.

    When it is ready, you will find out here.

    Mike Challis

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  • Okay. I can live with changing the folder permission after each update.



    Good work team

    I don’t know what your thoughts are on open source / getting paid… but I for one would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for a commercial free plugin – I hate the cVita – and now the constant contact ads.

    It would also be good to ensure the plugin actually rewards your hard work and that you are motivated to continue developing it.

    So how about a graduated payment option with a free version (with ads), single site license – through to a dev license – just make it reasonable please, don’t mind paying but I am by no means rich 🙂

    Thank you for your work on this plugin Mike! Much much much appreciated!
    After using this for so long and seeing how many updates you push on a regular basis, I now encourage others to use it and donate 🙂

    A great addition is to fully support Akismet API to tell them that one mail is a false positive or a spam. It will require to store the mail for some time until we review them.

    For me, captcha is not blocking spam anymore, only akismet does. The problem is that we have no control on its behavior especially when a legitimate mail is considered as spam. We don’t want to miss that mail.

    You can also add a honey pot or a riddle (1+1=2, or type the word “hello”)…



    Love your work, thank you
    I am a rookie at all this, and having a few more help buttons in the style options section in order to be able to properly modify the css style for our needs would be great. It gets done, but having to go back and forth to see what area actually adjusted from a few px changes or coding change can get frustrating, ha!

    Look forward to all the new features.

    Love this plugin, thanks for all of your hard work on this!

    Feature request: The ability to wrap each form item in a DIV with our own IDs/Classes.

    Currently, the “Add HTML Before/After” feature wraps the HTML you add in a div and, I believe, automatically closes any open tags. That’s great for those with little or no experience in HTML – so maybe create the feature and make it optional with a checkbox?

    Again, this is a fantastic plugin and it has become so much more than just a contact form.

    Nice plugin Mike.
    I’m currently being plagued by Russian spammers and even though blocking in my server firewall and htaccess they still get through by proxies. Can I block non-English character text somehow, eg a backwards N, either in the existing version or future developments? Also block keywords such as ‘SEO’?

    I’ll second Vero44’s request to be able to block the email with a custom list of stop words like ‘SEO’, search engine, leads, website, etc. That would prevent nuisance emails too.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am listening and considering

    Contact Form 7 incorporates the usage of WordPress’ built in comment moderation for spam type words, emails, etc. Maybe your plugin should do the same.



    “Stop list” would be great last 1-2 month a lot of spam with the same keywords 🙁

    FYI, items #4 and #6 in your list are duplicates.

    PongGod, haa haa you are correct.

    Mitch, good news I have resolved the CAPTCHA token errors for good and got rid of the CAPTCHA temp folder. The CAPTCHA uses sessions only from next version on.

    I have been exploring your plugin for about 3 hours and I love it. What would be nice is to be able to make optional fields required and have address fields as well. Is any of this possible?


    About 30 minutes ago I discovered the answers to my above question. Please ignore my previous post. This is really a fantastic plugin!

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