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  • Ken Carlson and I are working on a 4.0 version that adds some new features:

    Many new admin screen features:
    1. The admin settings are now grouped into a tabbed interface.
    2. A new way if navigating multiple forms via a drop down select instead of hyperlinks.
    3. You can re-order the display sequence of all the fields via a drag and drop interface.
    4. This makes it easy to add a new field anywhere in the form.
    5. The standard fields (name,email,subject,message) can now be manipulated and re-ordered along with the extra fields.
    6. This makes it easy to add a new field anywhere in the form.
    7. You can optionally set a field to be side-by-side with another field.
    8. A new codebase with better use of class structure
    9. … and much more.

    When it is ready, you will find out here.

    Mike Challis

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  • The feature called ‘Autoresponder’ has been changed to ‘Confirmation email’ in the new version.

    A ‘Reset Form’ and ‘Delete Form’ button has been added to the Tools tab.

    GREAT to see your still innovating this plugin.
    I cant wait! One question though…

    I worked my heart (no joke) out trying to make this side-by-side form here:

    Will all the CSS settings be lost when I upgrade to 4.0???

    If so, please do tell. I did back up the form, can I import the backup in 4.0 if anything goes wrong??


    Excellent – good work Mike & Ken.

    Please ensure to add a method to change the default time from 1am !!

    Tabbed admin interface is a great addition as it is a bit long right now.
    Also looking forward to being able to re-order the fields.

    Happy to assist if you need any testers etc?


    The 4.0 version stores the settings in a different WP options name so not to overwrite the settings from prior versions. I do recommend that you use the Backup tool to save your settings as you should all the time anyway. Because if you uninstall the 3.0 plugin from the plugin page and click to “delete all plugin related files”, then the settings are permanently deleted from WP.

    We will make a capability to import settings/forms from the 3.0 version. And possibly allow importing 3.0 version backups to be imported directly into 4.0, look on the new “Tools” tab.

    We will need testers at some point. When will it be available? maybe a couple months.

    Great Job Mike!
    Any news on the expected release date for 4.0?

    Rule #1 of a software project: Never promise dates.
    I can say it is being worked on and good progress is going on.

    Excellent news! Looking forward to it.

    A feature suggestion for this or a future version:
    Filters and Action hooks! (and they are really easy to implement!)
    * Filters for the html form element output
    * Action hooks for the form processing

    Usage example 1:
    Say you want to do all your form styling in a css file rather than through settings (so you can use one type of form styling throughout the site). Currently if you empty a css setting, it will revert to the default setting which is not what was intended.
    Using a filter on the html form element output, you could strip the html of the style attributes.

    Usage example 2:
    It’s often a good thing to have a checkbox for newsletter signup at the bottom of some forms. And say you also have an email-based way to sign up users to your newsletter (the typical way for EZMLM and such).
    With an action hook on the submitted form fields, you could then create your own function to check if the checkbox has been ticked and if so, send an email to subscribe the submitter to the newsletter.

    Another thing I really miss in the plugin is some form of conditional logic. Filters and action hooks would really help to mitigate that!

    Hope this helps and if you’d like me to contribute to the code to make this happen, I’ll gladly help you.



    I do plan to put many Filters and Action hooks in 4.0
    Please contact me here so I can be able to email you about the beta test period. You can beta test and help make sure I put the Filters and Action hooks in the right places. The beta test is not ready yet, but it will be announced here when it is.

    I added a project report post with changelog:
    Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0 project reports

    How can you help?
    Donate to the project and contribute ideas in this post.



    Hi Mike,

    I am really looking forward to the new plugin.

    Idea #1: defining tooltips for the labels in a form.

    Idea #2: no cookies. This is especially useful for European users because some countries have strict rules about that.

    Idea #3: Remove some stuff from the codebase, like vCita. It will make the plugin lighter. And, of course you can provide seperate plugins that combine with 4.0 for those commercial activities.

    If more ideas come to mind I will let you know.

    Hi Mike, great to hear about the Filters and Action hooks. Looking forward to seeing the new version.

    This is great news, Mike! I’ve got a couple of questions and ideas:

    Q1: Will the CAPTCHA temp issue go away? (I can retire my post)
    Q2: Will this 4.0 version be in line with the standalone version? (I was thinking of making surveys on a website, using your standalone version)

    Ideas: Showcase of really cool forms; Tutorial for us old folk…



    What’s New?

    Q1: Will the CAPTCHA temp issue go away?
    What CAPTCHA temp issue?

    Q2: Will this 4.0 version be in line with the standalone version?
    You mean the PHP version? Maybe someday, but the WP one has to be completely finished and working before I start on the PHP one.

    Thanks for the info on the PHP version. Here is a link to answer the CAPTCHA temp folder issue:



    The CAPTCHA requires storing the code. The only two ways to do it is with cookies or files. Sometimes a server problem or plugin conflict can cause an error. The form has a setting “Use CAPTCHA without PHP session” checking or unchecking usually solves the problem by switching from cookies or files.

    There isn’t really anything I can fix for broken servers or plugins that conflict. One other option is to turn off the CAPTCHA and use Akismet plugin to protect from spam.

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