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  • Upon one moderator’s request I installed xampp so that I could play with WordPress offline. This has been a real boon and I’ve made fair progress so far.

    Thing is, I’m no db expert and I don’t know xampp, so if anyone could help answer these questions I’d be grateful:

    1. If I’m working offline and creating pages and posts, where is the content being stored?
    2. If it’s stored in a database, where is it? I’ve done a search for .sql files and can’t find anything on my laptop that relates to anything to do with WordPress.
    3. I’ve installed the CFORMSii plug-in, which I assume needs SQL to run. Is this why my forms are showing an error when I try and complete them offline?

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  • 1) in your local MySQL database which was installed when you installed XAMPP

    2) your XAMPP installation most likely included phpmyadmin. Use that, or anyother mysql tool that you like, to manage your MySQl database and the contents therein

    — more importantly though: Why? What are you trying to do that would raise this question?

    3) No clue on this one.

    Thanks. That’s a very good question you raise! I have a backlog of log entries to migrate from my website that go back a few years. I need to add these and change the dates to reflect when they were originally written.

    Unless there is a plug-in that does this?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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