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    Complete newbie here. In fact I’m new to WP, MySL and PHP, so I could be opening a can of worms here. Having said that I am a fairly competent programmer, so…

    I’m finding the coding of my website, Follow The Boat, cumbersome and want to migrate to WP. Whether I should or not is perhaps subject for another post but what I am used to doing is working offline, hard-coding .ASP in Dreamweaver, on Windows XP Pro and running IIS.

    Now I’m having to install MySQL, get that up and running, figure out how to get my machine to ‘see’ .php and have the whole lot running locally. I work offline and only ftp my pages when they are fully edited. Because this is what I’ve got used to in the past, the idea of replicating a database-driven site locally is, quite frankly, baffling! I can deal with PHP but databases? Getting them actually running locally? I mean I’ve opened the MySQL help file and it just scares the hell out of me.

    Is there a guide out there instructing me in how to do this?

    Any help (and some encouragement!) gratefully received!

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  • have the whole lot running locally

    Why? You work once with your files (namely, the template files of a theme that defines the look of your blog/site), and the rest is just posting.

    i.e. writing text like you do here in this ‘Message’ box. That’s it.

    Anyway, I also have a local install to work on my themes and testing tweaks… and I did it installing XAMPP on my Win XP machine and that’s all. No need to mess separately with the Apache, PHP, MySQL components 🙂

    But I repeat, in order to be able to blog or to manage a site made by WP – you do NOT need anything locally.
    You can edit in NOtepad your text for publishing as long as you wish… and then go online, login, copy/paste it into the text area. Publish. Done.

    OK, perhaps I should have asked the other question first!

    How much flexibility is there with WP? Having been used to programming I like total control. Do I get that with WP? For example: I like to position images exactly where I want them, at whatever size I like. I like to add certain columns to certain pages. Some sections of the website might not require a three-column lay-out. Some columns might have a green background, some a blue one. Is WP flexible like that?

    As you can see one of my problems is that I couldn’t even complete the famous five minute installation to see what WP is all about. I assumed that I had to have .PHP running on my machine in order to do this. Is the five minute installation for ftping directly onto a hosted server?

    BTW, moshu, thanks for that link. I think that could be the ticket for me to get to know WP. Many thanks.

    Is the five minute installation for ftping directly onto a hosted server?

    Yep. Or on a normal local XAMPP. (Win servers just suck)

    Well, in regard to WP’s flexibility for customizing the look… the limit is the sky – and your own XHTML/CSS skills.

    If you have a site, just install WP in a subfolder for testing and play with it. The Codex is full of good information and this forum, too.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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