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  • I am looking for some guidance on how I would go about creating my blog from scratch. I have installed WordPress and even installed a theme I like but, I really want to create my own from the ground up. I can work my way through the xhtml and css, but I will stay away from starting from scratch if I need to mess with the php files.

    I see people like uses WordPress but has his own created theme, can some give me some steps to beginning this sort of process?

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

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  • Lots of folks here have little to no knowledge of PHP and seem to do fine creating their own designs. I’d recommend going though the Codex pages on design and layout:



    With the latest version of WP, 1.5 there is an easier way than with older versions or WP. This is simply by using templates and themes.

    Thanks for mentioning my site as an example. We all have to start somewhere, and if it was easy to design a master piece within 5 mins, then where would all the fun be? =]

    You have to remember that I have also been doing this for 5 years….

    Good luck with your project and if you need a helping hand give me a shout, and if I’m not too busy then I will give you a hand my friend.

    WP Codex is the key for learning and of course Google is your friend!

    Best Wishes

    Steve P. Sharpe

    Thank you for the link Kafkaesqui.

    Steve – thank you for the post too. In no way was I downplaying the obvious hard work you placed into your site. It just takes a quick glance to see the time and effort you placed into your site.Your site is amazing and I could only strive to design something as good.

    I know it is going to take me a very long time to design something I am happy with, but I am ready for the long and exciting journey. I plan on digging into that link today, and getting things going.

    I have been a fan of your site since you posted your link here in the forums. Thank you for offering to lend a hand. If I am at a standstill, I might just take you up on your offer.

    Thank you both again!

    One of the joys of web design is that you can read all the code and see how they did it. A bit of copy and paste and you are up and running.




    Please don’t think I was moaning, far from it. I was just trying to give you an insite and some friendly advice.

    Good luck with your project! =]

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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