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  • I´m going to develop a site for a client who want´s three language versions of their page.

    The content of the site(s) might be the same (though translated) or it might not at all. I´m thinking multisite would be a good way to go about this. Do you agree or should I look into other options?

    I did check plugins such as WPML and qTranslate, but compatibility issues with other plugins (such as Advanced Custom Fields – which is a must for me) made that impossible. I´m not sure using such plugins would have been a good idea anyway since it clutters up the backend quite a lot and my client is very non-techy. Having the contents clearly separated is probably a bonus for multisite in this regard.

    Anyway, I´m mostly asking for tips and advice on what kind of workflow one should have when developing such a site for a client. I´m pretty new to multisite and want to avoid the most obvious mistakes and pitfalls.

    How easy can I move a multisite? Should I develop on their server in a separate folder, and then move it out on launch? What should I think about?


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    Multisite moves clunkily.

    Don’t install it in a separate folder, it’s a hassle. In fact, if you install it locally in therealdomain.loc and build it that way, it’s much easier to move.

    Not sure what you mean by install locally in therealdomain.loc? Could you elaborate on this? How do I do this, why is it much easier to move etc?

    The guide says “If you’re simply moving to a new server with the same domain name, you can copy the files and database over, exactly as you would a traditional install.” So I guess this is what you are refering to?

    Not sure how I can easily show my client my work progress if I develop locally. Is there any alternatives?

    If I get access to their current homepage´s server and ftp, can I develop it there in any way without ruining their current page? And then “launch” it somehow?

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    Installing locally just means make an install of WP on your laptop and use that instead.

    If you have a test domain, you could use that, or even an IP address. What you want to make sure is that you have it as much the same as possible.

    So if you want your end result to be and then you need to install where it looks just like that: and

    It’s not ‘easy’ sadly.

    Ok, thank you for the advice. To bad it has to be such a hassle to work with multisite.

    I got a few more questions if you don´t mind:
    The page is going live in the main language first. Would it be better or worse to develop a single wordpress install site first, and when that page is live, upgrade to multisite and add the other language versions? Is it hard to make an existing single install into a multi install? Or should I prepare and work from a multisite perspective from the beginning?

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    Is it hard to make an existing single install into a multi install

    Not at all, however! If you want to have subfolders, just activate Multisite as soon as you install. That way it’s just sitting there, quietly waiting for you 🙂

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