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  • UPDATA: I tried working on a website in Gutenberg and after a few days it completely pissed me off. WordPress guys – please fix this. After you started introducing Gutenberg, there are all kinds of issues on the WP when it is not turned on or disabled.

    Gutenberg in its current state is a functional plugin without programmatic flaws, but the user interface is terrible. It breaks WordPress workflow, functioning of many plugins and doesn’t bring much real functionality on the table. Probably why the Gutnberg Disable and similar plugins are skyrocketing in number of downloads.

    This is a completely botched update that forces changing practices that worked well. If WordpPess devels read this, you should reconsider who you work for, becasue it is more or less visible from this that Gutenberg is a result of flawed decision making and forcing people to make it.

    I work primarily as an IT integrator, and the golden rule is that if something works well, you shouldn’t change it, but only improve on it.

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  • Hello @mrmut, while I agree that the original editor did work well for many, it was confusing to other users. That being said, Gutenberg was a big change! Have you continued using it? There have been a lot of testing done and recent updates. Has your experience improved in any way? Is there some specific detail you can provide about what is or isn’t working well?

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    What one can see from your ratings and general uproar by professionals, is that overwhelming majority didn’t like the product.

    I make websites for living, and what is needed is quick and simple way to edit important stuff. Gutenberg effectively introduces several more clicks for actions needed. So calculate it: you have 20-30 pages, and on each page you need 20-30 more clicks + time to achieve same task. Now you tell me do I like Gutenberg? The net result is loss of it is loss of time and pissed off clients.

    If you want to see successful block editor, take a look at Kriesi’s Avia editor. Now that one is a brilliant one. It is simple and intuitive. Gutemberg is utter mess. Maybe take a look at Apple approach, people are usually crazy about changes Apple makes, because they make experience better __in small portions__. Additionally, their changes are usually small and iterative, and they communicate those changes well..

    What you need in Gutemberg is SIMPLE / PRO MODE switch. Start with simple and make it easy to make the setting stick. Simple mode can be the current nonsense, and Pro mode can be something that is actually made for smart people.

    You have had something that worked really well in the past. Why you decided to kill it off is beyond me.

    Lastly, Classic editor plugin has 5/5 stars and millions of happy users. Not listening to that metric would be insane. It could easily happen that a new kid in the block surpasses WordPress due to stuff like this.

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