• Seems like the people in the 1 star reviews just have no idea what they are doing.
    “Congratulations, you have optimized 2,783 images and improved your website’s speed by reducing your images size.”
    As you can see I did over 2700 images. The total optimized file reduction was about 80% because I used Ultra on most of the images.
    I know what a good file looks like. My first career (over 10 years) was as a color specialist and photoshop retoucher for National Geographic, Natures Best Magazine and many other magazines. Common sense would say that if you need high res photos on your site, you probably shouldnt be using a service like this on “ultra.” But for a store site or anything like this, these compressed files look great and save a ton of load time. Just our homepage went from 5.8s average load time to 1.3s from using Imagify.

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