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  • I’ve tried many plugins since the inception of my blog in 2008. I’ve deleted many of the plugins but they left many tables in MyPhpAdmin even through I had deleted the plugins and when offered, the files as well. I still had a lot of old database tables leftover.

    I looked for a plugin that could clean up the database tables since I was concerned that all the used data would slow down the functionality of my site. I found this plugin.

    Most people that have reviewed the plugin said good things, but a handful gave me caution, therefore, I backed up my files and database and uploaded the WPDBSpringClean plugin and activated it.

    It was intuitive to use and there were simple short instructions built right in to the plugin’s interface.

    it worked beautifully well. It appears that it locates the old database tables associated with any deleted plugins. It doesn’t seem to locate any tables of installed plugins regardless if they were activated or not.

    It gives you a ticker box next to each located table for deletion, so you can pick and choose. I chose to delete all of the ones it identified. I used the default settings of the plugin.

    Afterwards, I clicked on the optimize tab in the plugin and it only found that comments needed to be optimized. I did that as well.

    Nothing I wanted was deleted. The site ran faster and I’ve had no problems at all.

    It would be great if the developer of this plugin would occasionally verify that the plugin works with the latest versions of WordPress, but they seem to have moved on. They don’t even answer support comments on this forum.

    So, if you wish to try this plugin, backup your database before trying.

    I rated the plugin 5 Stars and would use it again.

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