• I just used this tool. At first it failed to replace links within my WordPress Elementor templates, within pages, and in the global footer for my site.

    Also, the URLs of the templates were still tied to the old website address and were still giving me a “file not found”when I clicked on them in my Elementor template list to try to edit them. I downloaded my templates and looked at the content of the JSON file of a template with a text editor. I found that its URLs were stated this way: oldwebsite.com\/directoryname (with a back slash and forward slash instead of just a forward slash).

    So I re-ran this plugin to search for that string and replace it with newwebsitename.com. That worked for changing the links in pages and the global footer. However, the problem with opening a template changed from file not found to it now won’t load. Working on that.

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