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  • Today I came across the “Failed to write file to disk” error on my blog, despite,using the latest version of WordPress and not having changed any settings or updated any plugins.

    I am using the latest version of Flash. I am also very ignorant when it comes to some of the technical stuff and in awe of some of the code wizards on this forum.

    I could not find a fix for my problem so I used a workaround. So as to help people with this frustrating problem I wrote a blog post about it. If you want to read it, here it is:

    Fix (workaround) for WordPress “Failed to write file to disk” image upload error.

    The workaround does involve a commercial solution, however I expect you could use a free one instead.

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  • Today I started experiencing this issue as well after successfully uploading several photos. I did an extensive search on this forum and Google I was amazed to not find a clear resolution. This lead me to searching through the WordPress core files for the error message to see what was going on. The error message seemed to be triggered after the file was uploaded to the temporary directory where php stores the newly uploaded file. I did not have access to this directory, so I contacted my host and they were able to repair/remove the temporary files in the directory. This immediately resolved the issue for me and I hope this helps resolve it for all of you.

    Eric Rihlmann

    Can you tell me where did you find that temporary directory?

    I really need to resolve this issue.




    I’m having the same problem as Eric Rihlmann. I just contacted my host to see if they can fix it. Before that i tried many possible solutions i have found online, like these (, and nothing worked.

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